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pictures of my Sammy named Zachary

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my sammy Zach just turned three along with my daughter...

They are both gorgeous and look so good natured!

How sweet!! That is something that really warms my heart, to see a child with a dog like that. I think it is the most awsome gift we can give to our children, to grow up with pets.


Samoyeds are pretty neat aren't they?  I'd say they are the best dog in the world - they are especially good with children, and very affectionate.  Also, they are destructive if not given enough attention, require constant grooming, are pushy, and shed a lot.  They're the perfect animal  ;D

This is my Samoyed - she's SUPPOSEDLY a purebred, but she's way off breed standard.  I do do rescue and I adopted her through there.

Both Sammy's are absolutely beautiful. I have not experienced the whole shedding thing yet! We are patiently waiting, I think we are waiting more to see how her fur will be. We are currently loosing a little undercoat. I love the pic with your daughter, that is adorable! Then the teddy, guess we need a bigger teddy when Tonka grows up.


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