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Hi Husky People!


Hello! My name is Jackie. I just joined Big Paws Only yesterday, posted an intro in the introduction forum, and thought I would pop my head in here! I joined because I have been a Husky lover for as long as I can remember, and I finally got my dream dog, Taz, 3 weeks ago :) He's a 9 year old male Sibe. I am very pleased with him, and we're so attached to each other already. He is a rescue, was very neglected and the owners threatened to put him to sleep because they could no longer keep him. Terrible isn't it? Why not try and find him a nice home?

Well, anyway. Sometimes I don't believe he is a Husky, because I know the breed's instinct is to run and they are master escape artists, and I took him to the dog park only the 4th day I had him with a big open area, and he was glued to me like a shadow! I wanted him to run and get all that Siberian energy out, but he would only run if I ran with him! I found it odd, because I thought I'd have to chase him everywhere to get him back at the end of the day! LOL. But I guess it's because he never really had someone to love and was always abandoned and I showed him compassion and warmth, and I guess that's why he stuck by me. I swear he isn't a Siberian, until he does that adorable "Woo Woo" howl :D

Well, I'm rambling here, I just wanted to shout out to all the other Husky owners out there, and I'd love to see pictures of your babies! I don't have many of Taz yet, since I just got him, but there will be plenty more to come!

Well, Keiko is only 1/2 husky, but here are a few pics of her.  Except for the shape of her head, she totally takes after her husky 1/2.


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