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Introduction of all Kuvasz members please!

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 :)  Hello!  My name is Shana and my family and myself share our lives with two wonderful Kuv's.  Aidan and Beauty.  We are also blessed to be enjoying their 14 babies right now!  Our "kuv kids" are wonderful comapnions, dedicated and loyal.  They enjoy spending most of their time with the children, taking walks, riding in the car, and lounging in the house.  Anytime with the family is a GOOD time for them.  Attached are some pictures.  I look forward to getting to know all of you!  ;D

I jumped over from the pyr section.  I just love those big white dogs.  What a beautiful family!!  Mama kuv looks very loving and the babies are adorable!!  It must be hard to adopt them out when the time comes.  Is 14 an extra large litter or is that common?  Sounds like a lot of fun!

Some more pictures

 ;D  Here are pictures of our babies taken today.  Beauty seems to bem uch more comfortable with the kids or one of us in with her.  Not always but she is nursing almost round the clock it seems and having to rotate pups. She has been getting upset and not wanting to stay in the room, so we started letting thekids in with her, and she calmed right down.  Nurses longer and more frequently.  So we are learning more, and keeping her happy and calm is very important to us!

I just found this site, so here's my intro:
My name is Michele and I live in northern CA.  My family currently consists of five kuvaszok: Dani, Bogie, Zeus, Bug and Shiloh.  We would have had more this week, but Bug lost her litter due to a detached placenta on May 1.  So, you can understand if I'm jealous of your large litter.
I have had kuvasz since 1990 and have been involved in kuvasz rescue since 1991.  I have fostered over 30 kuvaszok (luckily, not all at once.)  I have been involved in showing my kuvasz and currently have one as a registered therapy dog.


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