Author Topic: New Las Vegas Law  (Read 8226 times)

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New Las Vegas Law
« on: October 03, 2005, 12:11:11 pm »
I guss animal control has passed a new law requiring altering all dogs.  If you keep your dog intact you have to get a special license for 25.00.

They said that they take in 200 dogs a day (that number surprised me) and only adopt out 36 dogs a day.


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Re: New Las Vegas Law
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2005, 12:16:37 pm »
Wow that's a HUGE number!  I have to admit that law is a pretty good one.   People might think twice before breeding.  We can only hope!


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Re: New Las Vegas Law
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2005, 12:39:36 pm »
That is a huge number!
But I dont think it would deter a BYB.
They should offer neutering for $25.00 and make it an either/or proposition.
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Re: New Las Vegas Law
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2005, 08:10:18 pm »

Most of the time we fight against any law that requires differential licensing fees for intact and altered animals.

I don't think these laws are inherently bad, however, if you give the ARistas an inch, they are going to take a country mile.

I am not sure what the answer is to the issue of people breeding animals in this country which should not be bred.

Most people feel that when there is talk about animals that should not be bred, they are not talking about THEIR animals.

Not THEIR fluffy.

THEIR one litter won't hurt a thing....

I don't need to breed SHOW DOGS, fluffy is sweet and nice and all my friends want one of her puppies.

But the point that many people miss is that even if you DO have good homes for all the puppies you breed from your pet, and even if they are all spayed and neutered and are never bred by the people who get the them.....still .....

You have taken away that number of doggy lives in your community.
If you have 8 puppies in a litter, that is 8 puppies that will die on the street or in shelters because of the lack of a home. 8 more likely will die because they were unable to take the space the first 8 occupied in shelters or rescues.

If you want to help with the problem, go to your local shelter and volunteer. After they get up from falling to the floor in shock, they will be glad for your help.

Breeding ANY animal should only be done after much thought, planning, and research. Animals who have not been PROVEN to be superior examples of their breed through competition most of the time should not be bred. Breeding is creating life.

I'm going to write that sentence again....


As the breeder, when you make that decision,  YOU are responsible for each of those lives until they leave this earth. It is not an endeavor that should EVER be undertaken lightly.

**off my soapbox for now**
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Re: New Las Vegas Law
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2005, 09:18:43 pm »
Intereting topic.
First of all I am opposed to BYB. I believe in neutering (all of my animals have been done except one...the vet didn't think she's survive the surgery)
HOWEVER, we have a billion laws in this country that govern nearly every single thing we do from the moment we get up till long after we've fallen alseep again. I don't agree with legislating to the lowest common denominator. Stupid people will be stupid, no matter how many way you outlaw it. Criminals will be criminals no matter how many ways you outlaw it. Only the good, honest reasonable people will follow the laws anyway, and these are the people I trust to be honest and reasonable regardless of the laws. Make registration cost an extra $25. and good breeders will have to pay it. Dishonest BYB will simply not register their dogs. So who does this law really affect? They only affect the people who obay them, and that's not who the law was made for, is it?
Apply this theory to any law... Ban guns and only criminals will have them (I would have robbed that bank, but my gun was banned yesterday???)
Regulate breeding and BYB will simply fly under the radar. Heck, I had 2 of my dogs for a year before I registered them. Why, because I think it's stupid that I have to pay yet another fee to add a member to my family. Did anyone notice that my dogs weren't registered? Nope. So what did that tell me? It is just another stupid fee. My town also regulates how many animals a person can have. Huh?  Exchange the word dog with child. Kids cause more damage and commit more crimes than dogs do, should we regulate that so stupid people won't reproduce?
I'll take my mountain top cabin farm life so people will keep their laws off my body..... because I'm not one of the stupid people and I shouldn't be "lawed" as though I am.
And this is America...peop le have the right to be stupid.



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Re: New Las Vegas Law
« Reply #5 on: October 03, 2005, 09:55:20 pm »
My dogs are all nuetered by my choice. I already pay 3.oo each to license my dogs, 10.oo if they are unatered; as well as an additional 10.oo each for dangerous breed because some idiot on the village board prefers poodles. Thanks, I think I am bled enough, and lawed to death.

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Re: New Las Vegas Law
« Reply #6 on: October 03, 2005, 10:07:47 pm »
Laws stink!  >:( That is very similar to the law here in Fresno that just passed and I guess we are going to pay a fine cuz Bear is unaltered. He is a great dog and we are happy with the way he is and so is he. I don't like the way the government tries to come in and take over our entire lives. Grr......
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