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Fall harvest and quiet time with dad


As it is supposed to  begin snowing this evening and the temperatures have dropped dramatically with warnings of a blizzard on the horizon we have pulled alll the remaining vegetables from the garden, except the potatoes which can stay a while longer!  So Cali, Steve, Aidan and the boys picked the remainder of the garden, (Cali helped by teething on the pumpkin stems) Beauty Myrissa and I worked on putting some of it up for the winter. Afterwards, Cali and Steve warmed up together in my big recliner.  Enjoy the pictures!  Shana

Cali is the cutest! and i bet she was a big help with all them Pumpkins.  My Pyrenees is actually afraid of pumpkins.. he'll stand about 10 feet away and bark at them then try and hide under the coffee table which he doesn't fit under anymore.. and normally gets stuck!

She is getting soooo big....and even more beautiful!!!   :D

WOW!!  Those are some really good pictures of your babies! I don't think you have enough pumpkins though!  ;)LOL  Snow already? That's kinda depressing.  Thanks for sharing the pics! ;D


Great Pics!  I cant wait for the first snow...my dogs will LOVE it...all we are getting is rain and more rain


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