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Oh my Heavens, look at REBA!!!!!

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That is one gorgeous Bloodhound!!! YAY!!! I can imagine that's what Nigel's daddy looks like, AND the dog has the same name as me!!! (Well, nickname anyway!)
Ok, that might just seal it for me... my next dog... a... purebred (gasp!)... female Bloodhound!!! Oooooh!! My mutts are gonna rise up against me when I tell them!!!!
 :D :D :D

I agree she is adorable. Bloodhounds have always been one of my favs!!!

Wait....Reba and Nigel aren't related?

WOW! They look so much alike! When I saw Reba's Paw Print as the newest, I thought, "Oh, Rebekah must have told one of Nigel's littermate's mama's about BPO..."


I agree, Rebekah. Let's both get little girl Bloodhounds. I love them, and my daughter wants one BAD.

Very pretty puppy!  :)

MustLove Dogs:
Wow, she's so pretty!! Do it!!!  ;D


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