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I have a 14 week old doberman (with papers). I have a question about his size. Is 20 lbs at 14 weeks normal? I've been feeding him adult food since 8 weeks (via breeder) and it seems like he should be larger. Thanks in advance

Could you possibly post a pic? Usually size is a better determining factor than weight. But I think as long as the pup is gaining and not losing weight and completely healthy you are on the right track. Also comparing the pup to the size of the parents is a good indicator. Different lines breed for different sizes.

Rose ;)

Hope this helps

(ps there are weight charts on line, I'm not sure where to find them, but i know they do exist)

My breeder and my brother's dobbie breeder both said that puppy food ends to have to much fat in it and will make the puppy grow faster than the bones and muscles can take.Where did you get you puppy from... just curious?

Yeah, for the larger breeds puppy food isn't that great. Actually most dog foods aren't but we use what's at our disposal. If you feel your pup isn't gaining weight, try adding some raw food to the diet. I do so whenever I can(it's too expensive to do on a regular basis), and my dogs are much healthier for it. Henry was fed puppy food till about 7 months, then he was on large breed dog food. Bulldogs tend to have a lot of bone problems because the fat content in their diet is too high. As for where I got him, he was a special order that the breeder no longer wanted and ended up in a pet store where we subsequently "rescued" him.

Rose :)

Hi Cassius,
I haven't seen you post before so welcome to BPO. I have had dobermans for about 17 years now, and currently still have one bitch along with a dane and dane/IW mix puppy. As to your question, can I ask a couple to clarify things?
Is your puppy a bitch or a dog? Females are generally smaller than males to begin with.
The other thing is, how does it look? Is it bright eyed, with a nice shiney coat, healthy pink gums, can you see ribs or is it unusually skinny? How does it act? Normal puppy bouncy, curious and happy, ready to play, then sleep like the dead, or is it lethargic and mopey all the time?
All of those are better indicators than weight, because it can really vary from pup to pup. Dogs get growth spurts, just like kids, and the puny 40 LB grade schooler can turn into a Liv Tyler look alike.
The scrawniest dobie pup I ever had developed into a 110 lb monster who was the sweetest, gentlest dog I ever had.
It sounds like you have a good relationship with the breeder, they are really your best resource if you can ask them. They should be familar with the way their lines should develope.
Sorry this is kinda long, but I hope it helped.


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