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Re: Morning Routine
« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2005, 10:22:06 pm »
He then decides to get in his truck and for some reason has to rev it up 5 or 6 times before he decides to tear down the street at 100mph. ::) 

Ah ... I see Tony and Brandon went to the same driver's ed school.  Whats up with that??? 

LMAO!!!!  I'd really like to know what's up with that, I just don't get it.  He doesn't NEED to wake up the neighbors and yet he graces them with his special revving skills every morning!!  Then he peels out leaving skid marks all over our street.....I think he pretends he's a race car driver, but WHY he needs to do this stuff every morning is beyond me!


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Re: Morning Routine
« Reply #16 on: October 20, 2005, 01:24:07 pm »
Well..My mornings are: Wake up, snooze the first time...snooze again..and again ..and again...when I finally realized I've been dreaming that I woke up already I sit on the bed and start hugging and kissing Sasha..then Gordo comes trying to get some more hughs and kisses too. Open the door...and here they go...Grab some coffee.. Gordo comes back and check the en leave some chicken broth to drink during the morning. I drink my coffee while Sasha is already chasing the bathroom, the bedroom, back in the kitchen. Gordo ate the leftovers...No w I put fresh water for both...then grab more bacon treats...and get ready to leave. In the meantime I tried to wake my husband like 10 times, but Sasha did me a favor already...she jumps back in the bed again and finally she woke him up.. Now more hughs and play...She watches me trying 5 different blouses or pants. Put some makeup and do my hair....Then my cell phone rings...someon e is looking for me already from the I say bye to everybody like 5 times. Check the AC temp, make sure they have toys around and then kiss each of my dogs (including my husband?  :P ) on the head and leave to work...As soon as I get into my office...I call my husband at work...(he's the last one to leave) ...Are they inside? did you set the alarm? You didn't turn off the AC..did you? ok...are you coming at lunch time..right? me if you have any problem..ok?
Basically..tha t's the same every day...(isn't it enough?) and that's only a part of the story...then we have the afternoon and night routines...but If we have to write everything...w e end up writing dozens of pages!!!

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Re: Morning Routine
« Reply #17 on: October 20, 2005, 08:06:26 pm »
haha, i love thiS post!  fumble usually starts to bark at about 645 to go out.  I usually bundle up, and he stares at me while i am.  poor thing doesn't quite understand that some of us actually get cold! it's a fur thing! hehe. then i usually let him out to go pees and poops.  Then we come back in, and he runs around the house like a the duracell commercial, and then i give him water, and he barks at me for breakfast.  I get it ready, because he's still a puppy, i have to moisten the food, and get his vitamins ready!  then he will bark at the counter, and sometimes will move his food dish over to use it as a step!  he's too smart! then while he eats, i check my email and make a green tea.. he comes over, barks at me, and i walk back out to the porch wondering why i even took off the jacket... let him out, and usually he decides to grab the leash, and take me for a walk!  I try to take him for a little walk, but he usually ends up getting off our property line, and sits, refusing to get up! he must be territorial! then he most likely will come back in the house and get into some type of trouble!  that's the usual routine right now!  (i'm a recent college grad who just got done with her summer camp counseling job, and on the job search, so no real getting ready yet! it should be interesting when i have to bring that into the routine!  ::))
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