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Puppy pictures


Anybody need a puppy fix?  Look at these sweet babies! :D

Ahhh.. puppy fix finally. Now you're going to have to keep our fix every day!!!  :)

How old are they? How many?

They are just too too cute, shall we have a guess game Bear, I tried to count them, I think they are 8, am I right or have I counted a baby twice or maybe babies not wanting to be in the photo shoot.

Good Luck with them, they are precious


HEHEHEH!  There are 14!  Just imagine!   WOW!

There are 14, I ahve 13 left for placement.  I am just starting to advertise them.  Its scary!  I hope to find all loving responsible loving owners.  Otherwise, I will be adding my my family!  LOL!  They are 19 days old today, I thought 18, but they were born on the 10th and my math was off this am! I will be happy to post new pic's of them every day, probably in the evening as I work 12 hour shifts and get up at 4am 4 days a week.  Off today though!  YEEEEHHHAAWWWW!!!! ;D


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