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OK, so, all of this time I've been told because of my location and the breed Nanook is, I should get one of these baby swimming pools for him, because Huskies love the water.  Well, this past summer I got one.  And he hated it.  Couldn't get the dog near it.  Not only that, but I do believe he's been tortured with the water hose lol because he'll run and hide every time I go for it.  So, I guess I got one of those strange out of the ordinary Huskies...that's fine, I can live with that.  I've never had a dog that liked the water anyway.   :)

Last week I decided to take a different route on our walk, to a park not too far off from my house.  There's this big creek that runs through the middle of it, and while we were walking, Nanook decides he wants to walk along side of it.  Fine, I thought, maybe he's thirsty.  So we're walking along, when suddenly, kerplunk!  He just dives right in!  This dog absolutely loves the water!  Now, every time we go to the park, he thinks he needs a swim.

*scratches her head*  Maybe he just didn't like my swimming pool? lol

Or perhaps he's telling me, "Mom, I like doing certain things, but on my own time, not because other people want me to..."

Maybe he just likes swimming with fishies for company  ;)

Keiko does not like the water either, unless it has a shoreline.

Could very well be  ;D 

I know, this whole dog liking water thing is entirely new to me, seriously...I've NEVER had a dog that liked the water.

I've been told by several people, including a Sibe breeder, that they love the water.  And plus, my living in Oklahoma, I know Nanook gets really really hot with that heavy coat of his. 


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