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Not completely off topic: Our Day
« on: October 22, 2005, 08:17:13 pm »
Yesterday was quite a day.  We had to clean up the house and yard in the morning, because someone was coming to have the house shown to them.  Mother, Nicholas, and I worked on that in the morning, but mother had to leave around 9:30 to have her hair done.  Grandmother also helped by blowing the driveway and garage clear of grass clippings and the like.  My grandmother and aunt, who had come down to clear out grandmother's storage unit, left between 10:00 and 10:30 yesterday morning.  (BTW, Sapphire was really happy to see grandmother again and took to Aunt Tara quickly.)  We managed to clean everything up fairly well before leaving at noon with both dogs, shortly after mother had returned.

First, we went to Petsmart and bought several things: a 44 lb. bag of dog food, a prong collar for Sapphire, two ropes, and a huge tug toy, with a loop at one end for the dog and a triangular loop with a handle at the other end.  That things is neat; it is over three feet long, I'm pretty sure, and, with that handle, the dog can't possibly win.  However, at the store, Sapphire and Gucci didn't behave very well.  Gucci was managable because she is so small, but Sapphire wanted to run after everyone (in our family), mill around with Gucci, and run over to the dog training area where a (noisy) class was going on.  Stay was nearly impossible when I attempted to fit a prong collar.  Mother was happy with Sapphire because she wasn't aggressive or fearful, but I was definitely not; Sapphire's excitement and disobedience was frustrating.  (This is an example of why we needed the prong collar; she is just too big to hold when she is excited, and in such cases she doesn't always have good manners.)

Then, we stopped to get some take-out for lunch.  I think it was 1:15 or so when we arrived home.  A neighbor who had just obtained her real estate license and had made the request also walked through the house.

There was little else noteworthy yesterday, until evening.  Catherine (the baby in the picture and my youngest sister) was walking around with some food, which she stuck out in front of Sapphire's nose.  Then, Catherine lifted her hand a little; and Sapphire sat.  Next, the baby touched her hand, with the food still in it, to the ground; so Sapphire laid down and looked at her.  Finally, Catherine dropped the food for Sapphire to gobble.  Ta da!!!  ;D  It was really funny, because Catherine is 1 year old (her birthday was on October 14th), and we had never taught her to do that.

It was quite a day, but I did get some school done too.  ;)


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Re: Not completely off topic: Our Day
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2005, 08:44:21 pm »
Just a word or two of encouragement, sofia. Places like Petsmart are really hard for our youngsters. There is so much to see, so much to investigate, new things, dogs and people around every corner, constant stimulation. Because of that those places are wonderful training grounds, and Sapphire's excitement was understandable, although frustrating for you.The fact that she was not overwhelmed and did not react with 1. aggression, or 2) fear and shyness was wonderful!
Of course her behavior is not desirable, it is much better that she be calm and controlled and a prong collar (IMO) will go far toward curbing it, but it is understandable and justifiable. Her actions with your daughter at home prove that she is on her way to everything you could want in a beloved member of the family. Be very proud of her.
Because of their large size at a young age, I have a tendency to expect my puppies to behave like adult, fully trained dogs, and I have to curb my frustration and disappointment as well, so I know exactly what you are talking about. Since I am taking the dogs to a dog fair in a couple of hours, this pep talk was for me too. If I come back and post about mine being monsters, feel free to come back and give me a huge raspberry.  :P

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Re: Not completely off topic: Our Day
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2005, 12:18:51 am »
I love what transpired between Catherine & Sapphire!!...How wonderful!!!...Samson listens best to my 7 yr. old daughter who is less than half his weight...Somet imes I have to send her into the yard to get him!...Don't be too discouraged about how Sapphire was in Petsmart...She is still a puppy & that kind of thing is very exciting & destracting to our big pups...You will see a huge change in her when she gets to about 1 yr. old until she is 2 or so...It is amazing how much more serene Samson has gotten since he turned 1!
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