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Puppys are 20 days old today, and eating solid "mash" twice daily, they are VERY dirty "big" babies!  Picture quality is not the best this time, my hubby was messing around with the camera and I did not realize he had some settings changed until I loaded them to the computer!   :-\  Enjoy!  



how adorable! 

we had 11 pups one year, my gosh was that a handful!  how many do you have?

Mom look so happy!  They look like more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  It must be hilarious to watch them play!  They are really growing fast.  Keep the pics coming!!!  Thanks! :)

She had 16 total, number 14 and 15 were stillborn, blue tounges, it was terrible...num ber 16 not breathing but still pink tounge , I think it was 11-12 minutes later after lots of work on him that we convinced him to stick around!  Kids call him Lazarus he is my biggest male and curly as all get out which is VERY good!  Very dark pigment too which is a very good thing!  I have 13 left for placement, 8 f and 5 m!  They are very comical  ::) especially learning to eat!  They get so MESSY!  I am very happy my husband put linoleum tile in the bottom of the whelping box he built for her!  Makes cleaning so much easier!  4 were bottle fed, initiall I thought Beauty had 1o tetas only, which she does, but her very hind teats never bagged up so she had only 8 working teats and the first 10 days was LONG but rewarding.  ALL babies made it and are growing well, and no more bottles!   ;)  I am really enjoying them.  The Sire and DA\am have such excellent temperments and very strong champion bloodlines, I personally don't show them but the potential is definately there. 

They are too cute, but with so many of them I can imagine you are working your behinds off. Just the cleaning must be a full time work lol.....

Keep the pics coming and if you have the energy give them hugs and kisses from us



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