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This is my belgian sheepdog Keely Rose "Kindered's Beautiful Dreamer" she is 2 years old. She has a schipperke sister and a silky terrier sister.
Thanks for adding a spot for Belgians :)

What a great expressive face she has! How does she get along with her smaller sisters?

She is beautiful!  How big is she?

She gets along great with her little sisters. She just loves the silky and lets her play on top of her. She weighs 60 lbs, she is a bit taller for her breed. She is the love of my life dog, my big baby. She is a true sweetheart.

She is Sooooo Beautiful!
What pretty shinny coat she is wearing too.
I'm now a Dal owner, but we previously owned a Belgian like yours. Her name was Jenny. 

I still miss her, even though she has been gone over 10 years.[/color]


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