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Here are teh newest puppy pic's.  This is Anthony my 10 year old with 2 of the girls, lazarus getting his butt sniffed by dad, and little missy on the ground with anthony.  Anthony was invited to join 4-h today when we were out with the dogs by one of their representative s.  Obedience, agility, and showmanship withthe dogs.  Myrissa is 12 and wants to as well, so we are going to give it a go and see how they like it.  If anything it will be good for the dogs and exposure for the breed.  There are none here and I am a heck of a time with it right now.  LOTS of education and teaching people who ask, advertise for a Kuvasz and I get "What?"  Lots of "What's". :)  Anyway I decided to keep Lazarus.  He is actually my biggest darkest pigmented male.  I am going to spay Beauty, and purchase another mate for Laz, Anthony lost his lab a week before christmas, and they were best buds, he cries all the time still, and can't even look at a stuffed black dog without bursting into tears... :'(  she was 9 a year younger then he is.They were raised together as well.  No idea what happened, just poof gone.  I wonder if she was ill somehow and we did not know it and wandered off to die, she neverleft the yard, slept with anthony, hunted withh im.  It devastated him...He and Lazarus seem to be bonding quite strongly on Anthony's end right now, but Lazarus responds to his voice and moves close to him anytime anythony is with the pups. And no more tears lately.   So I am going to do this for him,  and well , hubby will just think one never sold! ;D  Devious I know!

Awww.....too cute. Can you bring some down to Ca. so that we can cuddle with them?

How bout I ship a few to you and then I won't have so many running around!  LOL  The weather is NOT cooperating here, only 42 degrees, the puppy kennel outside is out of the question until it warms up.  We are so BUSY BUSY BUSY with them right now, I feel a bit frazzled!  LOL 

 :)  Oh they are so precious.  I hope that helps Anthony.  Devious?  I don't think so, of course, I would do the same thing and not have to have a reason to! LOL

 :D hi this is Myrissa shanas daughter I am 12 we didnt keep lazurus but anthony did get a american cocker spaniel though he fetches just bout anything!! and gets along great with my new kittne tiger! he is a tabby with a white J on his back isnt that sooooo weird lol  :D


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