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It is such a relief to have them all in together again, we have not had this delight for a while as Max the 3 1/2 year old cocker and teh Kuv's have made a point of trying to kill eachother.  That was another post however, update on Max this morning from his new mom and little girl, he has adapted wonderfully and is a happy little guy who does not have to worry about being eaten.  I should have known better than to bring a grown dog into my home with Alpha male and female Kuv's., Anthony desperately needed a dog to heal his heart after losing his precious Shady last year, who by the way was a black lab/rottie mix.  He wanted another black girl so now we have one. My mistake with accepting a grown dog for him... , one I will never make again.  My family is now complete again and all together! 


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