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« on: November 08, 2005, 01:30:30 am »
Trail Bound Hounds will be hosting 2 walks on Saturday!!

This Saturday, Nov. 12th is the TBH DOUBLE HEADER!

This week's morning walk will be at Duxbury Bogs at 9 a.m
Duxbury Bogs, East St., Duxbury, MA
This trail is in a vast open cranberry bog. The looping trails are the remnants of an esker – a deposit of finely sorted sand and gravel that was formed within a glacier. Therefore all of the trails are level and packed. The trails will lead the walker past a multitude of different cranberry bogs and ponds continuing alongside the Golden Reservoir. These trails are level and flat and excellent for senior hounds to enjoy.
Click here for your directions to Duxbury Bogs

We’ll be hosting a Special Event at Copicut Woods at 5 p.m.

Copicut Woods, Indian Town Rd, Fall River
DETAILS: Our night walk will be guided by Linton A. Harrington, Bioreserve Outreach & Education Coordinator of The Trustees of the Reservation. Each quarter, The Trustees host this event and TBH was invited exclusively for this Night Hike! Linton is familiar with the terrain and will take all precautions to keep our night hike safe. We will also have extra guides to assist us on the trail. This Full Moon Night Hike is sure to be a blast! There is a special surprise for all hounds that attend this event.Click here for a desciption of the trail and for directions[/b]
Please let us know you are coming as we need a headcount for this event, please contact us via our website
Trail Bound Hounds of Southeastern MA, Inc.
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