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A must read for all dog owners

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This is a very good article on dog food, it is very shocking.


OMG!!!!!! :'( I just went to read my dog food bag. It is made in Qubec. I am in Ontario. The first ingredient is chicken bi products then corn. IS THIS BAD???It is purchased from our pet food store and is highly recomended.
I literally feel SICK after reading that artical. GO READ IT!!!!!

It is a very heart breaking article isn't it?  But it is the truth.  The first ingredient in the list is the main ingredient in the food.

WOW - I had no idea it was that bad!
I posted earlier today in the thread " what do you feed your dog" that we are feeding them Canidae. I know I've read the ingredients on the bag before, but went to check their web site again - and they use only "human grade meats" specifically, so hopefully have dodged that bullet...also use a lot of natural ingredients & the dogs are doing well on it.
you can check it out at: http://canidae.com/

If it is human grade meats than it should be fine.  Is that the first ingredient on the bag( human grade meats"?


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