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Misty the mystery dog...more to come!

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Gypsy Jazmine:
Meet Misty!...Ain't she sweet?!...What do ya' all think?..She's supposed to be a Kuvasz as far ar "they" can tell!!...I'll let ya' know what I think soon!...Yep, I'm in suspense too!

Chelle! You're fostering! HOW COOL!

She's GORGEOUS! How are you going to give her up?!

She is so pretty. No knowing either breed I could go either way if I had a coin handy I would flip it and the say I thought she was a.... hahaha.
Have fun having the extra dog to love on while making sure she has a great place to stay untill finding a forever home.

AWWWW!!  She's gorgeous!! 


Wow she is gorgeous. I would adopt that dog in a heartbeat!!!!
I have been seeing a lot of dogs on petfinder lately who look very similar and they are great pyrenees/anatolian shepherd mixes. I think it's a common mix because they work on farms as LGD's and end up breeding together. Just a thought. (I have a theory that Mokey's dad is a pyr/anatolian...)
Here's a picture of one for comparison.

And I personally am ready for more pics of that beauty!!!!


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