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Does anyone else here feed their dogs a raw diet?


Indy has struggled with digestive problems for the past 8 months - no matter what premium, organic, all-natural or prescription kibble he was on, he had diarrhea. We went through 3 vets, all of whom ruled out parasites, bacteria, infection, etc.  They all just wanted to put him on another kibble brand and on another drug, none of which helped.

Finally, I decided that nothing else had worked, so what did we have to lose? Well, after 3 days on raw chicken, no more diarrhea! Since Indy has a sensitive stomach and had been on antibiotics, I also give him acidophilus and digestive enzymes, and he's doing great! He doesn't handle beef fat or bone well, that REALLY upset his stomach.

We have an appointment in a few weeks with a holistic vet who supports raw feeding for pets and I am very excited. Finally a vet who really knows about dog nutrition and doesn't want to just suppress the symptoms but actually wants to treat the underlying problem!

Here is the vet's site where they talk about raw feeding:

i feed hugo raw.  on dog food he gets gassy and diarhea alot.  you can try canned pumpkin for indy's loose BMs.  it does help firm them up.   

Both my dogs are fed raw and wont go any other way

Oh, we did the  canned pumkin. It helps "clean him out" but it doesn't help firm up his stools. On raw chicken he does great. He can't handle large amounts of beef. He does okay with marrow bones though.


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