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BPO's action needed!
« on: December 03, 2005, 09:14:51 am »
Ok, guys we have another call to action.  This is a cross post from Leo on a Great Pyreness board that I am on.  Please read the post and be ready to send tons of e-mail, faxes, and letter in our effort to make sure the killer does not get away free.

Date: Sat Dec 3, 2005  8:40 am
Subject: Please pray for Ranger 

Hello Everyone,

We have had a horrible incident. The last Id written to you, Id lost
Vince, my Weim, due to age. Today is far more hideous. I lost another
dog a few weeks ago. She'd escaped as she is wont to do. Some older
members may recall the story of Abby running under the house and my
foolishly rtying to get Ranger, the Pyr, to help her. In any event,
Abby ran away on Halloween evening. She was gone a few hours and came
back. The next day she started vomitting and shortly afterwards went
into seizures. It was determined that shed been poisoned or
accidentally gotten into anti-freeze. Day before yesterday the smallest
dog, Agnus went out as usual and came back in having gotten some
chicken or turkey (she was carrying it) My ex wife (I no longer live at
the house) took it away and went to bed. Around 3:00 AM Agnus whined to
go out. Nina let her and as she did Ranger bolted out with her. Long
story short, we lost Agnus yesterday. Its obviously the same thing and
the vets are certain at this point that both she and Ranger were
poisoned either with some chemical or anti-freeze. Our assumption is
that whoever did this soaked meet or something in antifreeze and left
it out.

Ranger responded well to ethyl alcohol and after sobering up he seemed
lucid and aware yesterday morning. This morning the vet tells me that
he's deteriorated. The blood levels have gone up and he went into
seizures last night. It doesnt look at all good and Ill be calling at
around 11 to find out the results of new blood work. Please, please
pray for him. He is too beautiful a dog to lose this way.



Hello again,

Ranger was put down about 20 minutes ago. He was surrounded by me, his boy (as
we refer to my step son) and Ginger. He wasnt too lucid as theyd given him
sedatives to control sizures. Im pretty sure he knew it was me. He passed
hearing what a love he was and how wonderful a dog he'd always been. We have the
authorities looking into who ever did this and there is some level of surety
that we have a good clear suspect. the trouble is that even if they find
poisoned food on or near his property, adjacent to ours, that he can always say
"I didnt put it there. Worse still is that most of the evidence has been
ingested. In any event, if anyone knows of any resources available when theres
good clear indicators of the culprit, Id like to know them. Thanks so much for
all of your advise over the years regarding my beautiful boy. I look at having
had him as being a gateway to a larger understanding of the breed. That in turn
brought me to rescue Alli. Shes with me as is Roxie my Jack Russell/Beagle. They
are at least some solice from this nightmare.

Goodbye Ranger, We love you
---------------------------------------------------------------------Hi all,

I cant express how much your words have meant. Its hard to read some of them,
Tea and a lot the older members were my introduction to what to expect when I
Ranger as a near puppy. If you remember, he found me. Standing in the middle of
road as a dumb little puppy. He was so gentle but just wouldnt get out of that
road. later
on I decided that there is a dog network out there and they sit on the sides of
road saying
" he comes...okay go." They no I'll stop..they know that in my house
theyll be
treated as the wonderful children that they are. Often times Id look at the
silly grin that
Ranger had and think "he's telling the world about how easy i was." Im having a
really hard
time with this and I guess its the fact that really it's been five dogs in 4
months. Vince, my
heart dog, had to be put down when he was 14/15 years old. That was difficult
beautiful in its own way as he was a rescue and I know that the 11 years that I
had him he
was my best friend and I his. When it was time, we both knew it and said goodbye
as only
best friends can. Two months before his passing, my groomer asked me to take a
Apso mix that she'd gotten. The pretty little babies daddy had committed suicide
in front
of her and Aunty Steff felt that I was one of the few that could love her enough
to make
the difference. She entered my heart almost immediately and was with me
constantly until
the later part of September. One night after we'd finished rehearsal ahe
pressed too hard on her trachia and it collpsed. She died on the way to vets.
Abby was the
first to be poisoned. We had gotten a note (well my ex wife got it. I was away
from the
house about two months before as we are divorcing) saying that "your neighbors
concerned about the barking of your dogs, day and night. This is an official
before we take further action." Id not thought much of it as we all know that
Pyrs bark a
little more than other dogs but not anything that was ever happening at night as
all of my
dogs sleep inside the house at night. When Abby got out and ingested whatever
killed her
on Halloween night I thought that maybe the note was something more but more
likely it
was a coincidence. When Ranger and Agnus got sick I thought that it had to be
In talking with the police today they pretty much said that they as often as not
didnt find a
corralation to "anonymous" letter like that one was. Im still checking to see if
my ex can
find the letter. In any event it turns out that there is a person not far from
our house
(property adjacent to the neighbors) that had been sighted, fined and forced to
confine his
Rottweiler. His dog was out again not long before Halloween and had been trying
to get to
the neighbors cat and small dog. They neighbors mom told her son to get the bb
gun and
shoot the dog and hed leave the cat alone. I dont agree but some folks go that
route. In
anyevent that lead to the man that owned the Rotti and they having words. The
night that
Ranger and Agnus were poisoned their cat died of the same poisoning. Our
thoughts are
that it may be the Rottis owner my be responsible.

well there, thats all out. im a little better having described the situation
and the recent
history. im still numb, i cant believe that within 4 or five months Ive lost 5
of my babies. I
realize how very fragile they are. Age, a simple thing like a week trachia and
box that a
little dog is looking into pressing against it, a silly spitz running out on
halloween and
finding poisoned meat, two others making the same discovery. Before you get too
on Nina (my ex) for letting them out at all. She didnt, they ran out the same
way that Abby
had. The lesson here is that we cant protect them perfectly but we have to be on
they are our charges and our responsibility to protect. I only wish id been able
to take
Ranger and Abby when we split. Agnus was Ninas dog. When we split she wanted to
one of the pyrs so that she had a big dog. Alli is terrified of thunderstorms
and so wild
during them that Nina was unable to keep her from damaging the house. Hence I
took Alli
with me. i guess Im a little consoled in knowing that I may well have saved her
life. The
best news is that when I lost Charli, the Lhaso Apso, I immediately got Roxie.
She is a love
and both she and Alli know Im hurting and are being ever so gentle with Daddy. I
can only
hope that all of us learn from this and Ranger, Abby and Agnus' death are a way
for us to
think about how responsible we are for such easily hurt angels.

Thanks for reading all of it if you did. Thanks for being here and most of all
for all the help
Ive gotten here over the years. Maybe Ill post some pictures of Alli and Roxie,
youll see
what loves are trying to heal me.


Lisa, owned by the following:
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Re: BPO's action needed!
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2005, 11:37:36 am »
Holy cow!  What a nightmare!  Wish I knew something or could advise soemthing but...

One thing he could try is to advise the animal control people of the situation IN WRITING, just to inform them.  That way if something else happens then there is a paper trail and a history.  It's worth a shot.

I'm so sorry about his loss...

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Re: BPO's action needed!
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2005, 12:47:41 pm »
I know I just  :'( my eyes out reading his post.  It is so sad to know there are people out there that will do harm to our fur-babies.  I hope to have the contact information soon so we can start sending e-mails.

Lisa, owned by the following:
Sugar Bear - Great Pyrenees 4.5 yr.
Dixie Darlin - Great Pyrenees 4 yr.
Penny Lane - Great Pyrenees 2.5 yr.
Beauman - Great Pyrenees 14 months
Izzy - Great Pyrenees 14 month
Rosie - Great Pyrenees (at the bridge)

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Re: BPO's action needed!
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2005, 03:04:33 pm »
nothing like a good cry in the morning!  That is horrible. 

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Re: BPO's action needed!
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2005, 03:18:18 pm »
Our thoughts are with is difficult to lose our babies...espec ially when it is not their time.  I would be so angry at this type or ople can be so cruel.