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Belgian Tervuren duo Introduction

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Two tervuren own me - Woodlawn K Smokey Koyote (or Kody Bear for short) CGC and MNM's Wyld Waves of Chance. They are males, both 1 1/2 years but from different litters. I'll include pics and would love to see tervs if others have them as well. 
Diane Garrod and the terv duo

Welcome aboard! Your guys are handsome. I'm April and I have a nine month old great pyrenees named Kiah.

What a beautiful dog Kiah is...I love Great Pyrenees.  Do you have plans for her to compete or do a job at home or just as the family companion?  They get big so fast don't they?

Thanks for the compliment on my boys.  They think they are handsome too....hahahah a!

Diane Garrod and the terv duo

Wow, what great looking doggies!  They look ready to go!  Welcome to BPO!  I'm Jessica and am owned by a 11.5 month old newfie girl, Sasha.

Thanks! She's just a family dog. We would like to get a cart for her, but they're not supposed to pull anything until 2 years. They do grow fast. Sometimes I forget she's still a puppy. LOL!


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