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I joined this group thinking I had a big dog but I guess not.  I don't see any Siberian huskys.  Maybe they seem big to me cause we have such a small house.  So am I still allowed to be here?    I have one Siberian and one Siberian mix.  They are both 50 pounds.  I guess that is probally pretty small for some of you.   ;D  My husband wants a Great Dane Does that count? 

Glad to see another Husky mom here. You are very welcome to be here and know that we will be adding hte Husky boards soon. We've just been waiting for more parents to come, visit, chat, and share with the rest of us. When you get a chance, we' d love to see your Huskies.

Welcome to B.P's.O!!!...I LOVE Huskies!...I have never seen one that didn't make me ooh & ahh!

WELCOME! Not to worry about yer huskies either. Like you, I found this site but wasn't sure if I was going to belong because my Lab mix wasn't topping over 100lbs like so many of the breeds I saw on here at first. But everyone was so nice and excepted her as a 'big paw' anyways that I felt really welcomed! This is a really great site. Hope you enjoy it!  :)

Hi Izzy_razzle, I must have missed your post. But it is so nice to have you here, I have mastiffs and post and talk mostly about them here. But now I can start talk more about Zeus our Siberian Husky too, he is a bit put off, by the fact that he isnt on here very much hehe.

He is a rescue and we have had him for about 4 years. He is pure white (at least a whole 10 min after a bath) with blue eyes. Now I have to start take more pics of him, so I can post here, I have one million pics in the comp. of my bigger babies but I am such a bad mom, both Zeus and Buffy (goden X) dont have many pics in the comp at all.

I hope to see pics of your baby, and hear a lot from you



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