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Our new Kuv girl!!!

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Good Hope:
Well Chelle, you know how happy I am this girl is staying with you. Foster failure...well we'll just see after the next one! ;)

Anyway, please don't forget to rename her, or have you just decided to call her girl. I'll be waiting to here her official title.


Congrats....I knew you would keep her LOL

I envy your 3 gorgeous big white dogs... ahhh what a beautiful sight they are!!!! :D

Gypsy Jazmine:
I am glad you are all enjoying our foster failurness so much...lol!...There is just no reason not to keep this pretty girl...She is SSSSOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOO good!!...We all love her!...Sammy & Pippin are absolutley smitten!!!!

Congrats to you and your failure ;). If you have to fail at something you picked a great thing to fail at. Just kidding. Best wisehes on your new girl..


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