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People's Court question
« on: December 12, 2005, 03:38:17 pm »
I'm watching People's Court.  They just had a case where a dog got another dog pregnant, and the people with the girl dog wanted the cost of placing all the puppies (Which they lost because they got $200 each for the puppies anyways).  Well I was thinking.  (Dangerous I know)

I know that the owner of the male dog is liable if he goes after the female and they tie.  But what if the dogs are in a neutral area (Like bringing a female in season to the park or Petsmart)?  Or if the female comes looking for the male?  I'm just thinking about this because what if I'm walking Nee and a girl in season runs right under his nose?  Boys aren't the only ones who run wild around here (The Joys of no leash laws).  Yes Sanity is going to be fixed (He had an appointment but an emergency came up where that money was no longer available, and with me losing my job, I'm sorry, dog food comes before ball lopping.), and I have NO intent of him fathering a litter whatsoever, but I was just curious if anyone knew anything about this.
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Re: People's Court question
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2005, 08:15:38 pm »
I would think that if you are in a park or petsmart and both owners are there, you would both be liable if the girl got pregnant. It is both parties responsiblity to be able to have their dog under control.

If you were walking your unaltered male dog, and a female came well with a leash law, they would probably say that even if the female was loose, you should still be able to control your dog. Without a leash law the females owner has done nothing wrong I guess, neither has the male dog owner, so pretty much, it sucks for the females parents lol.

BUT with leash law or not, if your female is in your yard, tied up or fenced in and a male gets to her, the owners of that male dog are responsible.

Haaaa, I have been there, Hera was in our backyard, with 7' privacy fence, and a little mutt dog dug himself into her under the gates. I heard Hera and looked to see what was up, so thank goodness I cought the situation in time, so she didnt become pregnant.

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