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my introduction, hello to all

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i am a new member of this wonderful big dog site
i would like to introduce myself
i have been loving and raising rhodesian ridgebacks for over 20 years
 i love to send and get photo's of all breeds and of course ,ridgebacks!
my e mail is  
billie4121@aol.com and my  I.M. is the same

please check out our web page for more information


nice to meet you all and hope to hear from other dog lovers

hello and welcome to the best site out their for dog and his best friend!

i tried to look at your website, but the link didn't work!

great to meet you  i sent you the web page

hope to talk more


I'm new here, thought this might be a good place to say hi!  Summer is my first Ridgeback and so far I'm having a wonderful time with her.  I will be sure to tell all of my friends about this site.  Summer has a Ridgeback Playgroup so maybe we can get a lot of Ridgeback people here:)


Welcome Tina!! This is my 6 1/2 month old great pyrenees named Kiah. I love this site! It's very addicting! :)


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