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Our Kuvie girl has a name!!

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Gypsy Jazmine:
My husband has decided to call her Rosie...I don't know why exactly but it does fit her!...She is doing very well!...Her biggest fault is that she put her front feet on your chest when you are sitting down & snuggle in & refuse to move...I can think of worst faults!...lol!

That's great! I'm happy to hear that she finally has a name. I bought reindeer horns for Kiah and I'll be posting pictures soon.

AW! I have that same fault!! Hee Hee! Big hugs to Rosie!! Welcome to the family.

Chelle! Rosie is PERFECT! I love it for her! Congrats on the new name and the new fuzz butt!

Good Hope:
Congratulation s.  Rosie's the perfect name.  And that hugging thing, that is definitely a Kuvasz trait!  ;D



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