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Getting your Deerhound to sit

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My Deerhound pup is nearly 8 months and sits beautifully when he wants to ;). I was advised by my trainer not to ask him to sit until he was regularly sitting of his on accord. Now I want him to sit I can not get him to!!!!! He is clicker trained and is normally very responsive to training but this is a block. I lure, he stands on his back legs or backs away.
Does anyone have any suggestions. I am wondering bout freeshaping him to a sit but with two helpers (my welsh springer and my weimaraner) it is hard to devote long sessions whic I fear may be needed.

Good question. I'm sure someone can help you out. Our trainer told us to squeeze him right above the hip bone while correcting him his collar when he was learning because it makes them sit quickly everytime. We never had a problem with it so I have no ideas if lures/treats didn't work along with the squeez technique.

Trust me, skinned-kid teenagers make Jack seem like a walk in the park. If Jack stopped listening to you, put him back on the leash and go back to basics. Sometimes I've had to do a little remedial training with Merlin too. Even a five minute session of sit/stay in the middle of a liesurely walk daily for a week can get the habit back of planting that rump before they have a chance to think---I don't wanna. Also, make him sit before anything good happens--walks, feeding (which you do), play sessions,potty trips outside, and attention from you. It reinforces that good things happen when I lisen and sit. Just some suggestions for you.
Stella-currently surviving life with a 17 year old and 11 year old skin-kids

Hi,if you are having trouble getting him to sit try luring when he is in a corner, he will still be able to rear up but he will not be able to back away.This sometimes breaks the mental block!I have Deerhounds too and they can be quite stubborn.

our trainer told us to never take no for an answer with axle.  so, in other words, if i told him to sit either he did it on his own accord OR i would scoop my hand in the dip of his back legs and make him sit, then praise him.  either way he had to do it though, because once they see they can get away with it (at least with axle because he was so hard headed) it took ten times more work to start over again.  just a thoughtl


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