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jan n nori:
 :o wow janet im from toms river. i grew up right on that bay.  i didn t know storm and mojo were brothers. that might be nori s beau if she passes all her tests. i tried to post more pics but i always have problems. jan an nori

hi jan and nori, wow your a toms river chick!!!! that is too much. I wish you were close by now we could do a play date. and yes mojo and storm are brothers. please say hi to deb when you speak to her. and nori is beautiful. that would be great if the 2 of them could get together they would have beautiful babies. storm has 2 babies left. my husband is on his way back from Conn. he dropped off 1 female and now i only have 2 left and they should be gone by this weekend too. talk soon. love, janet.

At the risk of sounding stupid what is a white sable?  Your dog looks just white to me.  Thanks  Minta

jan n nori:
hi minta nori is mostly white and we are not sure what 'color' she will wind up being as she s only 5 months but for now she has a very light tan  down her back. the hair is white tipped with light tan hence the sable classification . her dad is all white plush with the slightest light tan at the base of his ears. her mom is white plush with apicot tipped back hair and mask. jan and nori

I just love Storm's picture. What a beauty!


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