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Oasis is Missing

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I came home from work about 10:30 tonight and was met at the door with "Bad news. Oasis, Lulu and Buster got out of the backyard."  We haven't left Oasis in the backyard unattended or monitored for about 2 years because he had been persistantly chewing thrrough the wood fence on the neighbor's side and getting out.

He was out in the backyard all day yesterday while I peeked out at him about every 15 minutes and never went near the fence. I guess that's why Johann let him out again today. But, he didn't check on him and he reverted to his old ways.

Lulu had run around and scratched at the front door to be let in.  I found Buster right away about 4 houses down. He came right to me and is fine. I drove around for about an hour looking for Oasis. When he has gotten loose before he usually wanders up to the apartments on the next street and goes dumpster diving or looking for handouts. He's not there. No one in the neighborhood (our neighborhood is only 2 streets with woods on each side, a big empty lot at the end of the streets and a busy highway at the front) has seen him and we drove up and down the highway on both sides of the bayou with no sign of him.

I don't know if he went wandering off in the woods and is disoriented, if someone at the apartments took him in for the night, or what else could have happened to him. I can't imagine he could have gone far because his arthritis has been bad lately and he is limping a lot and finds it hard to get up after lying down.

I'm so worried and there will be no celebrating this new year's eve. Please say a little prayer that he will return safely.


Oh, Jeanne!
I am so praying for his safe return. Please keep us updated!

Oh no. This is terrible news  :-\ I am so sorry to hear Oasis is missing. I hope that he is safe and will be home soon.

Please let us know when he returns!

Oh No!!! Dang Old man wandering syndrome, Our sheltie would wander off like that too when he got older.   I hope Oasis is ok and somewhere safe tonight.  He will probably show up before you know it.


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