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Mission Impossible....LOL
« on: May 16, 2005, 12:59:08 pm »
Sooo....after my mental breakdown with Tigger the cat and Ranger the Swissy last night, Ranger decided to head off to bed.  My husband had gone to bed earlier than me, so Ranger meandered on into the bedroom and sprawled out beside the bed on his blanket.  Tigger took a siesta on my lap while I watched Comedy Central.  About 11:00pm, I decided it was time for bed.  The big to get Tigger into the bedroom without waking up Ranger and causing a 3 ring circus.  So...I creep around Ranger to see how asleep he really far, so good.  I sneak back out of the bedroom and grab Tigger.  I tip-toe back into the bed room, Tigger tucked under my arm....whew... .Ranger is still asleep.  I put Tigger on the bed.  Yahoo!  Uh oh...spoke to soon...Tigger, the little booger, decides to jump of the bed, OVER Ranger, meowing loudly!  Ranger's head pops up and he chases Tigger into the bathroom, who is continuing to meow loudly from an elevated position in the bathroom.  So, I get Ranger out of the bathroom and close the door.  I cuddle him on his blanket, stroke his belly, and get him back to sleep.  I turn off the lights and climb into bed and wait to hear Ranger's deep "I'm sleeping" breathing.  Keep in mind Tigger is still in the bathroom.  As soon as I think Ranger is asleep, I *attempt* to sneak out of bed, until I run into the dresser.  After mumbling a curse, I see that Ranger has laid back down...I open up the bathroom door and Tigger makes a run for it...leaping over Ranger and onto the bed.  I kiss Ranger on the head and get back into bed.  I laughed out loud this morning when I thought of this whole thing....tryin g to get my boys to bed...Mission Impossible!!  And my husband slept through the whole thing!!!!  I'm glad no one was watching us...but if they were, I'm sure they were lauging!!! :D  Thought you guys would get a kick out of it.....