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Pleasant surprises
« on: January 17, 2006, 04:58:38 pm »
You ever get something that seems small and insignificant, but for some reason it just brightened your whole day?  Well, thats what this thread is about.  Post your pleasant surprises here. 

I meant to start this Monday but I forgot.  This is what happened on Monday.

I was all ready for work, got up early and left early so I'd have time to go to the bank.  Well of course the bank was closed (Martin Luther King Day), so I had loads of time to kill.  I decided to get a croissant at Dunkin Donuts.  I figured, with it being so late, they would be stale, but whatever.  Well I got it, and it was WARM!  It was SOOOOO nummy, it just made my day!
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