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Whole Dog Journal up-dated dry dog food ratings

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are in this month's issue.  I think that Whole Dog Journal does an awesome job doing all the research on dog foods and on two pages, you have the ingredients, protein, fat and fiber numbers without having to go nuts in the pet stores.  They also list all the manufacturers websites so you can get more info.  I LOVE this publication... ..lots of great articles of interest to anyone who loves their dogs....and it's not for just big paws. ;D ;D ;D

To subscribe:  www.whole-dog-journal.com

So who were the top dog foods??? I am dying to know! I do plan on subscribing soon, just not right at this moment...

Gypsy Jazmine:
I love that publication!...Awhile back the food I feed, Premium Edge made the to feed list!...That makes me feel even better about feeding it!

Please post their list. I would love to see who made the cut this year.

Thanks for posting the subscription link.   

I'm currently researching a possible food switch for Daisy so this will help a great deal.



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