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Whole Dog Journal up-dated dry dog food ratings

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Here's the updated list I found on another forum...

Here's the 2006 list from the Whole Dog Journal. These are highest quality foods. Most of these are not carried at large chain stores but you can usually find them at small pet stores, feed and grain stores, etc.

Artemis: www.artemispet food.com
Azmira: www.azmira.com
Back to Basics: www.beowulfs.c om
Bench & Field Holistic Natural Canine: www.benchandfi eld.com
Blue Buffalo: www.bluebuff.c om
Burns: www.bpn4u.com
by Nature BrightLife: www.bynaturepe tfoods.com
California Natural: www.naturapet. com
Canidae: www.canidae.co m
Canine Caviar: www.caninecavi ar.com
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul: www.chickensou pforthepetlove rssoul.com
Cloud Star Kibble: www.cloudstar. com
Drs. Foster & Smith: www.drsfosters mith.com
Eagle Pack Holistic Select: www.eaglepack. com
Evolve: www.evolvepet. com
Firstmate Dog Food: www.firstmate. com
Flint River Ranch: www.flintriver-pet-food.com
Foundations: www.petcurean. com
Fromm Four Star Nutritionals: www.frommfamil yfoods.com
Go! Natural: www.petcurean. com
Hund-N-Flocken: www.solidgoldh ealth.com
Innova: www.naturapet. com
Innova Evo: www.naturapet. com
Karma Organic: www.karmaorgan ic.com
Lick Your Chops: www.healthypet foodsinc.com
Lifespan: www.petguard.c om
Limited Diets: www.royalcanin .us
Merrick Pet Foods: www.merrickpet care.com
Mmillennia: www.solidgoldh ealth.com
Natural Balance Ultra Premium: www.naturalbal anceinc.com
Natural Choice Ultra: www.nutroprodu cts.com
Newman's Own Organics: www.newmansown organics.com
NutriSource: www.nutrisourc edogfood.com
Organix: www.castorpoll uxpet.com
Performatrin Ultra: www.performatr inultra.com
PHD Viand: www.phdproduct s.com
Pinnacle: www.breeders-choice.com
Prairie: www.naturesvar iety.com
Premium Edge: www.premiumedg epetfood.com
Prime Life: www.ompetprodu cts.com
Royal Canin Natural Blend: www.royalcanin .us
Timberwolf Organics: timberwolforga nics.com
VeRUS: www.veruspetfo ods.com
Wellness: www.oldmotherh ubbard.com
Wellness Simple Food Solutions: www.oldmotherh ubbard.com
Wenawe: www.wenawe.com .uy
Wysong: www.wysong.net
Zinpro: www.lincolnbio tech.com

(modified to make links work correctly)

Thank you sooo much for posting that! I am shocked to not see Nutros on there!!

Yes thank you...Glad to see my food atill has the ok.

lol nevermind there it is. Wouldn't it figure that Natural Choice made the list but not Max Cat or Max Dog, and our picky animals will only eat the Max and not the natural Choice!

Natural Choice Ultra made the list not their other two lines of products. Not sure what knocked the regular natural choice line out (anyone know?)

I'm sure the Max was due to the corn.


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