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cure for upset tummy??

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My little girl Tali has an upset tummy today. She has thrown up a few times already, but nothing is coming up except fluid. Any suggestions on somehing that might make her tummy better?
She hasn't eaten anything she shouldn't have and otherwise seems to be acting fine.


boiled hanburger...dr ained, and mixed with rice.  SMALL AMOUNTS until she holds it down...

werent you at the vets today?

Try a little can pumpkin (not the pie mix). 


peptobismuth works well on dogs too, that is what I usually give when it starts on Hera, I get the chew tabs, she likes them, and they work real well. Other than that, just what nickerbokker said, boiled rice, boiled cod (make sure no bones), also if her belly is real upset as it sounds since she has puked a couple of times already, dont try to feed her, just make sure she gets plenty of water. Mind you a little warning, when they puke and nothing comes, except maybe foam or some green slimy stuff I always get worried about them having ate something that is stuck down there. Has she gone potty at all today? Please let us know how she is doing. Hope you  are feeling better soon Tali.


I was at the vets today, with a different dog.  Tali threw up a couple of days ago, just fluid. I didn't think much of it, I figured she had eaten some grass or something. She doesn't usually have a sensative tummy (that's Sakwa) so normally it wouldn't worry me that she had thrown up fluid a couple of times today, but it's not like her. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow though I'm afraid he'll have me come in and just say "she probably just ate some grass" LOL
I just don't know how big a deal it is. She's my baby so I worry.


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