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Delta Airlines FYI
« on: February 09, 2006, 11:20:15 am »
I received this from one of my email groups.

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> ====================
> Last Friday had to be one of the very most frustrating
> days of my entire  life.  Never have I encountered ,
> all at once, such a group of  un-co-operative uncaring
> people all working at the same company.  The  company
> is Delta Airlines.
> Looking back, I should have realized that  something
> was different.  I have shipped puppies with Delta for
> over  30 years.  This time, when I called the Pets
> First desk to make the  reservation, at about 6 am one
> morning I got a recording telling me that it  was
> closed and that I should call back during office
> hours.  The  recording did not say what those office
> hours were.
> When I finally did  get through to them later in the
> day after being on hold "waiting for the  next
> available representative" for 25 minutes I made a
> reservation for  last Friday, Feb. 3, 2006 for a puppy
> to go "Pets First" from Ft. Myers FL to  Bloomington ,
> Illinois, with a change of planes in Atlanta.   I
> specifically asked them to check that the planes were
> big enough for a  200 crate, and was assured that both
> were full size Delta jets.   
> I went up to the airport cargo on Thurs. Feb. 2 to do
> the paper work  , surrender the health certificates,
> etc. since the flight was at 6:55 on  Friday morning
> and this would simplify .  On Friday morning, I  took
> puppy , crate, newspaper, towel, stuffed toy, baby
> blanket, an  unopened bottle of water , dry food in a
> zip lock bag, and plastic dishes  attached to the door
> of the shipping crate.  Every inch of the crate  and
> all items were examined, approved , and placed in or
> taped to the  crate.  This was at 5:30 in the morning.
> My name and number, owner  to be's name and number ,
> were on at least 3 pieces of paperwork attached to  the
> crate.  My name, address, and telephone number are on
> the crate  side in black laundry marker.
> Puppy was to arrive in Bloomington at  11:30.   At that
> time the new owner called me.  The puppy was  not on
> the plane. She was frantic.  No one had called either
> of  us.  The airline did not know where he was.  An
> hour later he was  located in Atlanta.  They informed
> us that he was not on the plane  because they had used
> a different plane that did not allow dogs.  So  they
> just let him sit there.  THEY NEVER CALLED TO LET  US
> KNOW!.
> No other flight with appropriate plane was scheduled
> that  day.  It was then arranged that he would fly (at
> 2:40 pm) to Peoria,  Illinois and arrive there at 3:20
> (change of time zones) .  OK - things  happen.  Not
> happy, but puppy would get there and new owner  would
> drive to get him in Peoria.  Then 3:20 arrived, so did
> the  plane, and THE PUPPY WAS NOT ON THE PLANE.    THEY
> BE ON THE PLANE.  I had called  the Pet First Desk and
> been on hold for 60 minutes one time before giving  up
> and 50 minutes another to make sure he was on the
> plane and never  contacted a real person.  The tracking
> site on the Delta web site would  not show anything.  A
> real person told us later that they DO NOT TRACK  DOG
> It took two hours for them to find him,  still at the
> Atlanta airport.  I was FRANTIC - I am 10 hours  away
> from Atlanta.   The new owner (at the airport in
> Peoria)  was frantic.  Once they located him ( I am
> going," has he been out to  potty, has he got water,
> was he offered food?" - oh yes, he is fine, right  here
> in front of me wagging tail)
> Arrangements made to put him on a  plane at 8:40 pm.
> Got through to the pet desk at 9:00 - NO - THE  PUPPY
> Told to call a  "logistics" number I found that he had
> not been put on that flight because it  was carrying
> US-------------WHY WHY WHY------------silence.  Now,
> they told  me, he would have to go to a kennel as they
> couldn't keep him at the airport  for over four hours.
> I am to the screaming stage - he has already BEEN  at
> the D------ airport for over 12 hours. Is the puppy OK
> , is he  dehydrated?   Has he been allowed out of the
> crate, does he have  water?   Puppy, they said , is
> fine.  Will go to a  kennel.  I will be billed.  They
> have no idea when puppy will fly  to Illinois.  ALSO
> LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> I tell them to hold  - using cell phone I call Kitty
> Cahoon who is  at dog shows in Atlanta.  Kitty
> immediately agrees to go and get the  puppy - I convey
> this to the idiot that I am talking to who then
> transfers  me to another idiot who says that they won't
> release the puppy to anyone  without a FAX.  I stop
> trying to reason with them and scream that it is  now
> 11:30 at night and I don't have a bloody FAX machine.
> No budging  them.  A rule.  A contract that I signed
> that morning giving them  jurisdiction over the puppy.
> I tell them that the contract has already been  broken
> by THEM - that it was to deliver the puppy to
> Bloomington 12 hours  earlier.  I finally told them I
> would find a FAX machine if I had to  drive 100 miles
> to do that - to not send the dog to a kennel.  I  am
> terrified that I will never see this puppy alive
> again.  Finally  my daughter gets hold of someone in
> the newpaper office that she knows and a  FAX is sent.
> Kitty picks up the puppy.  He is, thank God, alive.
> He  is also dehydrated, un- watered, un- fed  and in a
> kennel with urine and  stool, dirty paper, bedding ,
> and toys.  To her it seems he has never  been taken out
> or fed or watered.   In that shipping crate for  18
> hours. They go back to the show grounds to her RV and
> I sink to the  floor crying and threatening to sue
> Delta for the inhumane and callous way  they have
> managed to lose this pup and cause trauma to us all.
> This is  Sunday.  Puppy was not in good enough shape to
> try to fly him  yesterday.  Fluids have helped and he
> is now back to acting good.   Delta wants to "start
> over" to get him to Peoria.  They also want me to  pay
> another $200 to do so.  Guess what - I have called my
> credit card  company and that charge already there will
> be disputed until the day I  die.  I WILL NEVER USE
> DELTA TO SHIP A PUPPY AGAIN.  I will tell  everyone I
> know of the horrible way we were treated.  I will
> contact  every Delta official that I can get a
> name/address for.  Any other  suggestions?  I WILL
> All through  this whole thing not one employee of Delta
> ever apologised for the  problems.  Not once did
> anyone, except for one ticket agent in  Bloomington,
> even express sympathy.   I told the last person  I
> talked to at the Atlanta airport that if that puppy
> died that "heads  would roll".   Well, the puppy has
> survived.  Kitty has him  safe with her.  We don't know
> at this time if he will continue his trip  or what.
> Right now we are just glad that he is alive.  But
> heads are  still going to roll.
> Please feel free to post to any and all lists  and
> concerned people so they can't do this to anyone else.
> Marcia  Deugan
> ZIYADAH Sussex Spaniels
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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2006, 12:14:07 pm »
That's absolutely AWFUL!  Has this been sent to the president of Delta?  She is completely right to notify the credit card company to stop payment and dispute!

Chester's breeder in Texas requests that puppy buyer pick their dogs up not only so they can meet the new puppy parents but also because they are so afraid something like this could happen! 

AWFUL....Delta should be ashamed!!


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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2006, 12:18:00 pm »
My breeder is the same way. She does not want to take the chance that this could happen to one of her puppies.


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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2006, 12:19:53 pm »
That is a horrible situation. Happy to hear the puppy is ok.

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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #4 on: February 09, 2006, 01:16:07 pm »
How can people be so stupid, inhumane and uncaring?  They just kept pushing the work off unto someone else - probably never checked on the poor puppy :'(

Harley was shipped to me from Texas and I was a nervous wreck the flight was delayed - I had pictures in my head of him running all.  When I went to the cargo building to pick him up at 9:30 at night they told me the plane was delayed and they were going home and he would stay crated until the next morning!!  NOT- I told them I would not leave the office until he was lovingly placed in my arms!!  They threatened to get security and I told them to go for it!!!  Thankfully, they agreed to stay on an additional 30 minutes until 10:00 then 10:10 and then he came!!!  They practically threw him at me and locked the door - but at least I had my baby!!

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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #5 on: February 09, 2006, 01:21:14 pm »
I don't trust the airlines.  They really do not seem to care, one way or the other.  It's never the problem of the person that you're talking to.  Luckily, Maggie arrived on time and all was fine when we had her shipped.  It was not that simple a year earlier with my sis' dog, Cody.  AND NO ONE CARED, OR MADE IT THIER PROBLEM!  Sorry for your trouble, I'm so glad that the baby is OK.
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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #6 on: February 09, 2006, 01:22:05 pm »
I probably would have been arrested for beating the crap out of somebody I hate airline people they're such's always they're not authorized to do something and when you ask to speak to someone who is ohhh they're not here.  It's so ridiculous.  But if that ever happens, I would need serious bail money.
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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #7 on: February 09, 2006, 01:59:04 pm »
I probably would have been arrested for beating the crap out of somebody I hate airline people they're such's always they're not authorized to do something and when you ask to speak to someone who is ohhh they're not here.  It's so ridiculous.  But if that ever happens, I would need serious bail money.

poor puppy!
I'd be sitting right there with you chaos!
Idiots! >:(

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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #8 on: February 09, 2006, 02:24:10 pm »
My Allie was shipped to me from Missouri on Delta , the flight came in right on time and I still waited almost 3 hours to get her , nobody could find her and we have a TINY airport , only like 5 gates ! I waited in that stupid airport with three kids under 4 years of age . I was ticked . Then when I finally did get her , nobody would help me get her and the crate out to my car . I had to have my 4 year old push the stroller with my baby in it and hold onto my 2 year old's hand while I carried a 30 lb puppy in her crate . It was ridiculous !
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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #9 on: July 06, 2006, 11:18:51 am »
The breeder I got Jager from used American Airlines. I was so nervous, that I too kept picturing my puppy running loose around the airport. Thankfully, everything went right and came in on time.
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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #10 on: July 06, 2006, 11:38:44 am »
Delta sucks! I refuse to fly them and I live in their hub city (Atlanta)
That story is horrifying. I am just so glad the pup in okay!

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Delta Air HORROR!
« Reply #11 on: May 18, 2007, 02:39:07 am »
I wouldn't wish Delta on my worst enemy! I am sad to know this happened to another puppy besides ours. We moved to the states from Germany. In Frankfurt they cared more about the Newfs than anything else and I was glad. Once we came into Dullus was another story :'( They refused to load Elvis because his Crate was too big, they changed the plane at the last minute to a smaller plane than origonally on our ticket. We didn't know a soul in the U.S. and we had to pay a service a fortune to drive him to North Carolina. I was so afraid when the man was driving away with my baby. I was bawling and praying he would be at the house when we arrived. Stitch was only 11weeks and had been in his crate for 9 hours. After we all boarded the plane, I just kept saying to hour and it's all over! Wrong! It was the flight attendant that came over to our seat while we waiting to take off. All she said is "I'm sorry, but thier has been a problem with your dog" OMG I thought I would faint, I couldn't breathe, everything was spinning...I heard my son crying and tears poured down my face :'( They had left Stitch's crate on the tarmac. :o It was JULY in the blazing sun! They wouldn't let us off the plane, they wouldn't put Stitch on the plane. Everyone on the plane was upset. They were yelling at the attendant, the pilot was trying to get the tower to let him taxi back. No Go. I was almost arrested. We landed in Raliegh an hour later without our baby. From that moment forward Delta determined Stitch to be a piece of LOST LUGGAGE! After a million phone calls I had my baby back in my arms 10 hours later. He was dehydrated,hungry,filthy and downright traumatized! I wrote letters to everyone at Delta and not 1 reply. Today Stitch is still my needy child. He cries when he can't be right next to me. He is clingy in a nurotic sort of way.
I ADVISE, DO NOT EVER use DELTA for your FURKIDS if they cannot be CARRIED ON and never leave your sight!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #12 on: May 18, 2007, 11:28:23 am »
I hate to fly one of my puppies and will ONLY use Continental- they do a fabulous job  No dog is ever left on the tarmac- they go out to the plane only when they are to be loaded and the animal cargo area is air conditioned the same as the passenger area. Only certain of their planes are equipped to fly live animals and they have never missed a flight Even in a long flight the puppies always arrive in good shape, clean and dry.

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Re: Delta Airlines FYI
« Reply #13 on: May 19, 2007, 02:52:17 pm »
I really didn't need to see this thread again. I've read about these stories some many times in the past 6 months.
I'm really nervous because my Meisi is going to fly from Helsinki to Toronto this Wednesday. She is flying with Lufthansa unaccompanied. I just hope everything is going to be Ok. :(