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Aidan with pup

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That first photo is precious.  Would make a great print.  Could win prizes in photo contests.   :D

Fabulous pictures. I just love seeing babies!

I should look into doing that, it is a great photo of him and baby! 

Hi, I was looking for the right place to post the fact that the photo of Adian with Pup was so neat that I took the liberty of sending it to a few of my friends so they would enjoy it. I hope you do not mind that I did that but when I put it on my screen saver, I was really surprised out neatly it fit in.  Thanks


aidan is SOOOOOOOOOO perdy!  i can't get over it!  i had never heard of your breed before, but now im TOTALLY into them!  they are just so cool lookin!  and the puppy, oh the puppy, why oh why couldn't angus stay a puppy forever!  they are the best!


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