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Here are some pictureso f the pups lounging in and around their deluxe doggy home, and Adian and Beauty checking in with them.  Beauty does not stay long anymore, she is almost dried up and they still like to grab a tittie if they can, she gets a bit cranky when that happens and high tails it out of there!  LOL!  They are learning not to do that , and she will spend more time with them playing when they leave her tities alone! 

Oh my gosh they're getting so BIG!  :o
Very cute!!!!


adorable pictures!!! I can see why they all sold so quickly!


LOL!  I have been bringing some of the pups in individually so when they go to their new homes its not such a shocker being seaperated from their litter mates, We had one of the boys in today and Aidan was  in little guy went looking and I swear Aidan jumped a foot and ran to the door whining to go out!  I laughed so hard!!!!  He gave me this look like what the heck was THAT all about!   ;)


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