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The puppies are getting bigger!

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Here are some updated pictures of the crew!  Beauty was being her normal "don't even think of takinga  picture of me!" self so I only got her once, and could not get her in the group picture!  BRAT!  She does have a mind of her own at times and cameras are one thing she has never liked.  LIfe is so busy in our world I hardly have time to post.  Just so happens Myrissa and Nic had their tonsils and adnoids out 2 days ago and I have more time to play at the computer while I look after them.  Back to work MOnday!  I hope you all enjoy the pictures!  Shana
PS  I just recieved my calendar and I LOVE IT!

Some more pictures!

Such a beautiful crew. Great pics

Everyone looks so beautiful! :)

Beautiful photos! I can't believe how much Shadow and Ginger have grown. WOW! Looks like they all get along wonderfully.


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