Author Topic: my turn to ask for help... Nigel's gone psycho.  (Read 13685 times)

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Re: my turn to ask for help... Nigel's gone psycho.
« Reply #30 on: February 26, 2006, 10:09:39 pm »
Not much progress over here. :( I have been keeping Nigel and Rushmore completely separated unless Nigel has the gentle leader on and I am holding the leash. This is a big pain. But another fight between those two and Rush could be seriously hurt. I really don't know how they are ever going to resolve anything because Nigel is definitely trying to stare Rushmore down, and Rushmore growls in response.
So, since Nigel seems to need someone to hash it out with, he goes for Zoot now. Yesterday morning I was pouring some kibble into a bin and I wasn't really paying much attention to what the dogs were up to. Well, I turned around when I heard growling, and the next thing I know Nigel has jumped on Zoot and knocked him down and would not let go of him. :'( Thank goodness Will was there and we finally got them apart by grabbing their hind legs and pulling them. Not too much physical damage to the dogs, but quite a bit of mental damage to me and Will.
Then again this morning, I was weighing Nigel by picking him up and standing on the scale (not easy) and as I was setting him down he started to lunge for and attack Zoot.

Well, I think Zoot finally got the clue that he needs to get out and stay out of Nigel's way. Since this morning Zoot will not look at Nigel and won't come near him. I am hoping that is all it will take for Nigel to leave Zoot alone.

As for Rush, I just don't know. We have been keeping him protected from Nigel, and maybe we can get used to this, but I would sure rather everyone could be in the same room!

Samson has not had contact with my dogs since my original post. He has been completely separated, and I think he will be going to his new foster home tomorrow or the next day. Nigel is doing EXCELLENT on our walks together, and he really seems to enjoy the one-on-one time with me. He has been more obedient than ever and is very happy to sit and wait for his food and to go through doorways when it is just me and him. But put him with all the others and he is rushing to be the first through the door. Oh and it turns out Mokey was in heat (which couldn't have been helping anything!) so she went to NC to be spayed by Will's dad and she'll be there all week.

The conclusion seems to be that since Nigel is turning one he is really just wanting to be the top dog. I have read a lot of articles on "sibling rivalry" in dogs and it sounds like ours is a very classic case. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. Boy was I freaking out thinking he was a psycho. Not that our situation is any easier, but I guess it is good to know that this is "normal".  :-\ However Will and I feel completely worn out!!!


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Re: my turn to ask for help... Nigel's gone psycho.
« Reply #31 on: February 26, 2006, 10:46:03 pm »
Im sorry things are still "crazy" around there. I was just thinking of oyu the other day. I hope things calm down and you and Will can relax. I wish i had some advice, but I have never dealt with this sort of thing before. All I can say is I am sorry you have to deal with this. If only we could talk to our dogs and see what was bothering them.

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Re: my turn to ask for help... Nigel's gone psycho.
« Reply #32 on: February 27, 2006, 12:15:36 am »
I know the worn down feeling.  Our two are constantly going at is getting better.  So there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it just takes awhile to get there. You should try the techniques with all the dogs involved and you should each take the troublemakers out together one with each dog.  It may help them deal with each other a little better.
Good luck and remember they're worth the effort.
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Re: my turn to ask for help... Nigel's gone psycho.
« Reply #33 on: February 27, 2006, 09:54:09 am »
He is also maturing and showing his true colors and fighting for pack postion. Dogs start being jerky around this time to about 2 years. The dog whisper is great, I would aslo use NILF program. Both you and Will have to be top dogs in this pack.  Working on Downs and Rolls in the house. Nigel has to work fo you.
I have a similiar problem with my female mastiff mix. My brother is staying with us for a while and he has a female Bull terrier. Both females are very assertive and pushy. They will play, but is will escalate and we have to call them out of it before I fight erupts. They also have space issues, and attention issues. For example if someone new is coming in the door they both want to be first and get the attention and a fight will erupt. They both drag leashs now and are learning down stays . It has become much better. I have been working alot with my dog with the leave command. She is also not to show any dominant posturing ( tail up, staring). If I fight does erupt she gets a major correction ( leash) from me and is rolled over until she relaxes.  We feed the femasle seperate from each other but give cookies all together. My pup is the last to get the cookie and she is not alowed to turn her head to look at the other dogs when I am giving them theres.
It is a pain in the butt, but we are seeing an improvement.
Good luck...
BTW I would definintly consult a pro before attempting downs or rolling..
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Re: my turn to ask for help... Nigel's gone psycho.
« Reply #34 on: February 27, 2006, 12:34:31 pm »
Nigel is at that "adolescent" age. Halo grew up with Brindle and loved him. Let Brindle chew his ears and eat first etc. If Halo got out of line , in Brindles mind, Brindle would give the "look" and show his teeth. Never attacked him at all. All was fine until Halo hit 1 year old. The both met at the couch. Brindle showed his teeth. Halo answered back and a scuffle ensued. No one got hurt, but Brindle did not want to be around Halo at all. He would be very tense, not laying, ears back. Halo is 155 # and Brindles 75 #. Both are males. I called Fila "experts". The consenous was that Halo matured. Had enough bullying and stood up for himself. The reason I keep them seperated now is to spare Brindle. He is much happier with only Penny. And Halo is happier getting one on one attention from us. It's just my 2 cents, but IF Nigel is a Fila or partly, you will not train this out of him. Rolling a Fila can be a bad idea. Them are not known to turn on owners but are still very powerful. Please, do research on Fila and see if he is fitting the criteria?
Just trying to help.