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Are they all so sweet?

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Gypsy Jazmine:
I met the sweetest little English Bulldog today at our vet's...She was so sweet & cuddly & met me like she has always known me!...Are they all this sweet?

I dunno, Chelle. The only bulldog I ever met was when I was a kid, and he had no manners. He lived on a farm where I used to go all the time to ride. Everytime he saw me he got a crazed look in his blood-shot little eyes, run over and hump my leg till he fell over exhausted. I may not be the best judge as I wouldn't consider that a glowing testimonial... LOL

When I waorked at the groomers, I met like 4 different bulldogs and every one of them were just so sweet and loving.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAH! STELLA! OMG! I'm cracking up. That is quite an image!

Well, I've only met one English bully, and he was super sweet. However, I've met two American bullies, and they were WAY sweet!! I'm currently fostering one of the sweetest dogs ever! (An American bully) 

I've met a couple.  both seemed kinda lazy and slow but nice.  They have their moments though.


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