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Beautiful Mrch day in Minnesota for pictures of the fur kids!

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Beauty is well named!  I love the avatar pic of her and the one with Shadow in particular.  Thanks for sharing!  I wish you well in your farming endeavors!

Beautiful photos! You're dogs look wonderful! Good luck with the puppies and your sheep.

Nice pictures! My husband's family is in New Ulm, MN - about a 1/2 hour from Mankato. I think that's on the other end of Minnesota from you.

New Ulm is a few hours I think from us, mabye 3.  I grew up on a ranch, that is the work we did as a kid, with livestock, working dogs, etc...I am excited to  get back into it! 

I just looked on Mapquest. Tentstrike doesn't even register as existing on Mapquest, but Bemidji is about 6 hours north of New Ulm. Johann's dad goes ice fishing at Lake Millelacs and further north past you into Canada - around Black Duck.

We're supposed to be moving to Minnesota next year.


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