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Beautiful Mrch day in Minnesota for pictures of the fur kids!

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Mike has been going to puppy school since last summer.  He is now bored with obedience so I am thinking I will do agility or rally with him next....until he is ready for therapy.  I am going to be gone this summer for about 7 weeks...planni ng on solo kayak trip around Lake Superior starting June 17.  I am worried about Mike....it seems he doesn't eat when I am gone and starts throwing up alot.  I was just gone most of last week and he is now finally eating again and feeling secure with his family.  Dan will be planning on restocking me at parts of the trip and hopefully I will be able to see mikey.......I hate to say it, but I will probably mis Mike more than anything while I am gone.  Go figure!!!  I am so excited for you....sheep and all....that should be way cool to watch the beasties interact!

It is going to be great I think!~  My Aunt shows and recommended that I also let the kids do Rally with the dogs.  She said it is interractive and great fun for you and the dog.  I am looking at possibly a few shows this summer around Minnesota for Aidan and Cali with the kids.  It amazes me to see Nic, our youngest and only  58 pounds of nothing, work with Aidan on lead, sit, heel, come, down...Aidan is so gentle and listens so well, even distractions don't get Aidan to bolt or pull, any of which could take Nic flying given the huge difference in size and pounds!  Aidan is 2 of Nic!  I hope Mikey will be ok as well.  Beauty was just like that until she was almost 3.  When I was gone, she went on starvation mode, refusing food.  As she matured she clamed down, and I guess eventually realized I was coming back. She and I are very close.  I kept some canned food and frozen chicken livers stocked so Steve could "entice" her to chow.  It usually worked enough to keep her from losing any major weight.  Solid Gold also makes a pet clamer that seems to really work , all natural stuff.  Check on line for solid gold products and you'll find it there.  Have fun on your trip!  I would miss my fur kids tons , probably as much as my kids!  All of them make our family what it is!  Anyway!  GOOD LUCK!!!take lots of pictures when you go! 


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