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Beautiful Mrch day in Minnesota for pictures of the fur kids!

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They LOVE the snow and the cold!I am ready for some green grass and flowers!  But they do take some excellent winter pictures!

Awww, everyone looks great!  What a nice sunny day too. :)

cute pics :)

I know, wasn't today beautiful. We took all the fur kids dor a walk. Where at in MN do you live? We live in Brooklyn Center.


No Kidding!  I live 17 miles north of Bemidji!  A little bitty town called tenstrike!  all of 138 people, 2 bars, a mechanic, lumber yard, and post office!  I am about 5 1/2 hours from you I think!  Beauty was in a dog show a few years ago in St Paul at the excelsior center I think it was called.  We have 160 acres we live on, it belonged to my husbands grandpa.  We took care of him for ten years here on his farm until he died a few years ago, now we are workingo n buying part of it.  I never realized what a BIG process it was and time consuming, but we are almost done!  That is the reason we have not put money into fencing and livestock.  When it is finally in our name, we will begin so our babies can work like they were bred to do!  I did not enjoy the show ring much at all, but do love a working dog! 


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