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Osteo problem
« on: March 07, 2006, 10:54:35 pm »
I know because I'm a horrid mommy and I almost never post pics of my other two babies, alot of you don't know much about my little ray of sunshine Hobo.  I found him wantering the highway, we found out late he was 7 weeks old and when he got lost his family (Of 2 days) assumed he'd find his way back home.  Anyways, we took him to the vet all was pronounced fine.  Well a while ago we noticed that one of his back legs turned in.  I don't have a good pic so I'm going to try and describe it.  If you're behind him, instead of both legs going straight down, his right one goes straight down, and his left one turns in at an angle of about 15 - 20 degrees.  Like instead of a direct line from his hip to his foot, his foot is closer to the other foot (I'm just going to have to take a pic) anyways, we took him to the vet then and they x rayed him, finding that his hip had been broken and healed crooked.  The only thing to do was break it and re set it.  It didn't hamper him at all, so we left it alone.  Well today he fell down the stairs and he's limping really bad on that leg.  He lets me touch it, push it, pinch it and rotate it, but there's a def limp.  (Then again this is the angel dog you can do anything to.)

Are there any suggestions?  Anyone gone through a surgery like this?
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