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News from Doberman Service Dogs
« on: March 10, 2006, 05:26:38 pm »
* NEWS *
Effective 3/10/06 this group has been opened up to other SD teams the public may percieve as "non-traditional" or BSL Targeted Breeds (Pits, Rotties, GSD, etc.)
As the Doberman Service Dogs group has evolved, our brothers and sisters who are pwds using BSL targeted breeds (like our beloved Doberman) face many of the same challenges we do. 
I want to open our arms and this site to welcome an expanding group of experiences, challenges, and expertise.       
(For now the group name will remain the same, changing it to something other than Doberman Service Dogs would probably require a new URL through MSN.)

We can be found at:
Please come and join us.  Feel free to cross post this to other interested parties.
-Rebecca & Raven, SD