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Re: My New Pup Guinness
« Reply #15 on: May 25, 2005, 07:10:13 pm »
I have read other people on here also saying that it is nice to know other big dog owners because others think they're crazy, are crazy for having big dogs and kids, etc. Here's my question: What on earth is wrong with all these nosy people with all these opinions on how we live our lives??? I too have received WAY too many comments from people about how I choose to my life with my family, human and otherwise.  ;) When we decided to get my big girl Rosie, you would never believe the amount of disapproving comments I heard because of how big she was, we didn't have enough room, had too many dogs anyways, blah blah blah... I took them all nice enough and in stride, but really, it offended me! It is no one's business but ours, and WHO on earth are we hurting? Still, I get to hear things such as: when I'm on the phone and all the dogs start barking at something, an otherwise well-meaning friend saying "how do you STAND living with all of that?" GRRR! or a usually friendly family member informing me that she thinks that Rosie is 'running' our household just because we haven't been able to train her not to jump on visitors yet and so its a bit of a big to-do when people come over. Please! Even if I thot it was true, I would never tell someone something like that! I just think its plain rude. For some reason when it comes to pets, people think they can say whatever they want to. And also for some reason it seems a bit common for people to be pretty intolerant of big dogs. Too much to handle, making life more unpredictable, I suppose - not to mention hairy, dirty, slobbery and stinky! But I LOVE all of that! I'm with Yaz about the filling of the cup - dogs and kids are part of what make life worth living, and having them together is just even better. I wouldn't trade my girls for a billion $, any more than I would my own son. It all just equals up to more fun, more laughs, more happiness, and more love. Who could ask for more?  ;D
Sorry, just had to rant on that a bit...

This is so true, but people do it for any reason - just like you say.  I think it has a lot to do with (a) ignorance (b) people not thinking before they speak (c) people who know they cannot handle what you are happy with.  You know how people are...that is how the entire country is leaning...towa rd the running of other peoples' lives.  I don't believe it will ever change.  I'm slowly learning, finally, to break the chain and strike out on my own, deflecting all gossip in the workplace and amongst friends and family.  It's amazing how often people want to talk bad about others...when you really start to look for it on purpose, just so you can say something to contradict the negativity.  Shuts them up in a hurry! 

I have started answering these "dumb" questions or accusations like this:

Dumb Question:  Why do you work here?
My answer: Because I want to, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Dumb Question: Why do you have those big dogs?
My answer: Because I want to.

What else can they say?

Dumb Accusation:  You should get rid of those dogs.  They jump on people too much.
Answer: Then perhaps it's not worth it to you to visit.
Dumb Response:  Who ever said it's not worth my time to visit?
Answer: Then stop complaining.  I find it unpleasant.

Anyone have ways of coping they can share?   ;D
I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me they are the role model for being alive.  ~Gilda Radner