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Need Help in Texas

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I'm a new owner, three months, of a young feamle Bloodhound.  I'm looking for help getting my dog trained to be a mantrailer.  I also want to work with my animal to see if she can learn to sniff for drugs.

Kerry A. Robinson
Fort Worth, Texas

Hello kerry,
  Welcome to the group!  You have the right idea by starting with early training for your pup.  I don't live in Texas, but your best bet would by contacting your local Police/Sheriff departments K-9 unit and asking them if they would be able to help you out with any resources on training.  You might also want to do some research on bloodhound groups in your state, I bet they would also have some good info for you aswell.  Good luck, I hope this helps.


Contact Jack Shuler in Salem, Illinois. Jack is the best bloodhound mantrailing trainer that I know of and has done extensive training sessions across the United States as well as in Europe.  His web site is www.jackshuler .com.

As for training a bloodhound to sniff drugs, this is probably not the best option.  Bloodhounds are not really suited to sniff for drugs, as they would be able to find the spot where drugs were hidden a day or weeks ago.  They can be trained, but why train a dog bred for man-trailing, when a better option would be to use a GSD, or Mal.  Use the right tool for the job.

Hope this helps! ;D

Well, you couldn't have picked a better state to own a bloodhound in...LOL...try this site if you are interested in training and getting in contact with trainers...http://www.taskcanine.com/http://http://www.taskcanine.com/
Good luck, I am owned by two bloods and couldn't be happier!!

911*SAR Team
"so others may live"

Did you ever get into contact with anyone? Keep us updated on things when you get a chance.


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