Author Topic: German Shepherd needs a home  (Read 4058 times)

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German Shepherd needs a home
« on: July 27, 2006, 05:55:02 am »
I have an almost-three-years-old German Shepherd that needs a good home.  I'm located in central CA.  She's spayed, she's beautiful.  She's trained to sit, stay, heel, come, down, and "down-stay."  She highly energetic and pretty needy.  She is eager to learn, and loves to play with frisbees and balls (she can destroy a soccer ball pretty fast).  She has no fear of hurting herself and will shimmy under cars, in tunnels.  Could make a good agility dog or trained for work.  Her father sires guide dogs. 

Although she's been raised around children, she really needs a home with no children. She was a fearful dog when we got her,and she has never shown aggression, I'd prefer to find her a childless home. A single person or a couple who are willing to devote a lot of their attention to her would probably be rewarded with absolute loyalty and affection.   She's about the prettiest dog I've ever seen.  She has all her shots. 

Our life situation has made it hard to give her the attention she needs, so I'd prefer to find her a home that can, rather than her end up depressed in the back yard.

Please reply to this post if you want to add this dog to your home.

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Re: German Shepherd needs a home
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2006, 06:41:23 am »
If i could have another, I would take her in a heartbeat, but my landlord is very firm on the one dog rule.  Sorry... :(
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