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Now Turkey is famous!

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I want all my dogs to become models ;), and Turkey made her debut in a magazine ad today!! Yay!!! :D
Will submitted the ad for a new local magazine called the Nashville Paw. The first issue just came out today, and Turkey's beautiful face is on the inside back cover!!!
You may recognize the photo because it used to be my avatar. ;D
It's a Green Paws Inn ad but there is a link on the website to my portrait website. So the deal is if I get any new business from it, then I have to pay Will for my half of the advertisement cost!!! :o

Anyhow we are really excited and happy that our ad is right above the Earthdog ad!!! Woohoo!!!
Here's the magazine page! :D

Great New!  Love the photo.

Wow, that's so cool!  Congrats!

That's awesome, congratulation s!

Thanks, you guys! Turkey says thanks too!  :D


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