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Ace is concentrating


Ace is concentrating very hard on his favorite toy, the tennis ball, we call it " Wilson".

I just love this pic because Ace is on a leave it command with the " wilson" on the couch and my niece is sitting next to me and you can just barely see her fingers inching their way to the "wilson" and Ace is in such deep concentration, he is just dying for her to throw it to him.  They had so much fun playing together yesterday. :)

he's super cute!  dont you just love the leave it command.  i am such a meanie with that command...but it always makes me laugh to see dogs shake while waiting to be freed!

Ace is such a doll!...Samson does pretty well with the leave it too...We say wait though...I can put a piece of hotdog right up against his nose & he'll wait a good 15 seconds before he decides it's worth getting in trouble for before he grabs!

What a good boy you have there!


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